Your child’s safety is important. With this in mind, motorized is an excellent option for window treatments, because motorized shades are operated without cords, they create a safer environment for kids and pets.



When choosing motorized you can control all your windows with a touch of a button, and also program each to open or close to your favorite position. It’s never been so easy to operate your blinds and shades



Motorized is a perfect option for hard to reach windows. Now you can easily control the amount of light and privacy for any tall or hard to reach windows with a remote control. No need for any step stools or ladders!


With the addition of timers, sensors, and GPS daylight tracking controls, operation is not restricted to a single wall station in your home. Whether home or away from home, window coverings can be programmed to function automatically.


Motorization allows the operation of all the window treatments in a room, or whole home, at the touch of a button, whether raising, lowering, or tilting. Lutron shades include intelligent hembar alignment so all the shades in the room align for just the right look.


Features like vacation mode provide additional protection by making a home appear occupied as the shades continue to operate based on daily patterns. Set your system to “Away,” and your shades will close, restricting the view inside.


Proper programming allows your shading system to automatically use or block the suns warmth. Combine automated shading with lighting and temperature control and your potential energy savings could be 40%.

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