Easy automation

Use the app to create schedules adapted to your routine. Block or let light into your house to create the perfect ambience.

About the Smart Controller

  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • User-friendly setup process using Wi-Fi
  • Control your blinds in groups or individually from anywhere
  • In very large homes, simply install multiple Smart Controllers
  • Set schedules on a specific time, sunset or sunrise times
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Let the sun wake you up

Hate waking up with a noisy alarm clock from your phone? Set a schedule to open your blinds a couple of minutes before your alarm clock.


By integrating the Smart Controller to a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa, you can control your blinds using your voice. No need to put the cup of tea down.

Fresher home during summer, without losing the sunset view

For energy efficiency, automate your blinds to block the direct sunlight, and less air-conditioning will be necessary to freshen up your home. Set a schedule to open your blinds 30 minutes before the sunset and enjoy the view.

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