Zebra Blinds

Soft lighting

UV Protection

Never Lose a View

Low Profile

Zebra blinds, also called dual blinds, are a modern roller blind alternative to horizontal blinds.Consisting of alternating horizontal opaque and sheer fabric stripes, these blinds make transition from day to night easily. By adjusting the stripes, you’re in control of how much light and privacy your room receives

They offer the best of both worlds to customers. The sheer shades are designed for multi-functionality; They maintain the look of a shade when closed, but can control light like a blind.

These shades can be customized to offer privacy while still letting light through your window.
You can use zebra shades to cover a small bathroom window for privacy or an entire wall of glass to diffuse light. Pull them up all the way when you want the outside view, or lower the top of your top-down/bottom-up zebra shades to enjoy some light and block distractions while you work from home.

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